About Us

AKRacing has come a long way since their inception in 2001, where their focus was solely on the production of race car seats. The AKRacing brand was previously known as AK Seat. Fast forward to 2008 and AKRacing now specializes in producing premium and ergonomic gaming and office chairs and equipment.

The AKRacing brand was introduced into the Australian market back in 2015, where they continue to operate out of the leafy green suburb of Kirrawee. AKRacing now has distributors all over the world - America, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Tahiti and Europe, just to name a few.

Something that sets AKRacing apart from their competitors is that they do 100% of their own designs, R&D, product development, testing and quality control. AKRacing highly guarantee their products, as they manufacture every single part, which means that they do not have to source these components from other suppliers, allowing them to ensure the quality is always consistent.

Currently AKRacing Australia offers their chairs in 3 different materials, which feature across 9 different chair series, boasting an impressive range of over 45 different chairs in total.


History of AKRacing

In 2001 the AKRacing (formally AK Seat) brand was established in Taiwan, with their primary focus being the production of racing car seats and racing simulator seats.

In 2003 AK Seat expanded to foreign markets with its primary product – racing car seats.

In 2005 AK Seat landed a major contract with a major racing car brand, where they were contracted to manufacture racing seats for their race cars.

In 2008 the AKRacing brand was created and the company expanded into the furniture category – offering racing style office and gaming chairs which are based on the original design of the AK Seat Racing Car Seat.

In 2015 the AKRacing brand was introduced into the Australian market, where JustJap became the first official Australian Distributor for AKRacing branded products.

In 2017 AKRacing Australia collaborated with well-respected gaming brand Logitech, to produce custom chairs for their Alexandria office, in Sydney.

In 2018 AKRacing Australia collaborated with several admired gaming brands, including Ben Q Zowie and Blizzard Entertainment, to produce custom chairs for their respective Sydney Offices.

In December of 2018, AKRacing was a finalist in the “Controller and Accessories Brand of the Year” for the Australian Games Awards 2018.

In 2019 AKRacing Australia worked alongside 2K games to help launch their ‘Gathering Storm’ Expansion Pack for Civilisations VI game in the ANZ region, by collaborating in a giveaway.